Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Occombe Farm Meeting

Wow, what a fabulous day it was today, even the weather was kind to us.  There was a pretty good turnout, with 11 families joining us for our Occombe Farm meet-up.  11 families = 16 adults and 23 children = busy but very fun.  The children ranged in ages from 2 through to 15 years.

We met at the play area and the children ran around with friends whilst the adults either joined in or acquainted themselves with who was who. Once everyone had arrived we wandered off for a woodland walk. We were greeted by these handsome chaps along the way...


We followed winding paths...

Woodland Walk

admired trees...

Old Trees

and generally enjoyed fresh air, exercise, and a jolly good natter!

The group split at one point - some choosing to go the shorter route back to the picnic spot, whilst others ventured forth feeling fit and able to tackle the longer trail. We all met up back at the play area for a picnic lunch.

Group Meeting

The afternoon was spent doing various things by various families. Some wandered off to visit the shop and barn areas of the farm, some stayed at the park and chatted with friends, some went off to the organic garden area where you could see delights such as these...



Beautiful Blooms

All in all it was a lovely day. Relaxed, care-free, cheap, and fun :)

Thanks to everyone that managed to join us, it was great seeing you all.

Julia x

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cockington Visit and Picnic

We have just returned home from a lovely day out to Cockington Village, in Torquay.  A group of home-educating families got together for a wander around the park and a picnic.  We had a look at the craft studios, which included glass blowing and blacksmith demonstrations, a walk around the organic garden, then finished the day sitting at the playpark where the children could just roam around and play.
The weather was very kind to us - only providing us with a couple of downpours in the morning which didn't matter as there were plenty of trees to shelter under.  For much of the afternoon we were basking in sunshine.

A few pictures from our day...

Cockington Blacksmith Forge

Socialisation issues? -  Cockington

Cockington Visit - At Play

Julia x

National Schools Film Week

Yep, it's that time of year again. 
For those that don't know, for one week every year, Film Education offer free viewings of selected films to schools and home-educators.

This year it's running from 14-22 October in England, Wales and N. Ireland.
and 28 October-5 November in Scotland

Just click on the link below to go to the website, click on primary or secondary, and click on the cinema of choice from the drop down menu to view the films and their resources.


I've chosen to go to two - just put home-educator as the school name.

Julia x

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Thanks for visiting the new Teignbridge and Torbay Home-Educators website.

By creating the site we hope that people will be fully informed about what's available within the area for home-educators, including visits, group meetings, local events, and just general gossip :)

For obvious reasons we are unable to broadcast the exact details of the things we plan before we go, but we will offer basic outline information on here, and the rest will be available via email or telephone as usual.  If you need my phone number, please email me at Julia@classroomfree.co.uk.