Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Thank you...

Thank you to everyone that managed to get to the group on Monday.  Me and my gang really enjoyed chatting with everyone - some rather interesting and thought-provoking conversations went on me thinks!

Who would have thought that Decoy could be so much fun in the rain?  I'm really glad the weather didn't put many off.  There were 11 families this week, with 17 children between them.

Next Monday (23rd July) we are doing a Teignbridge beach trip, with a nature reserve trek too.  If you need more details of location please contact Julia@classroomfree.co.uk

It has been decided that we will continue to meet over the school summer holiday period, particularly as some of the other groups cease during that time.  We will be trying to visit places that are off the tourist trail most weeks, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful.  Please bear in mind that we do try to cater for those without transport, so a place on bus or train routes is preferable.

Those of you on our Facebook Group will already be aware that we are looking at doing a resources session.  This will probably be held in a local library (just sorting that out) with the idea being that we share ideas and experiences with others.  If you can recommend any books or have completed projects you've enjoyed or whatever, it might be a nice way to help others - particularly those new to home-education.  If you want to share how you plan things or your daily routine etc, that might be of help too as I'm sure we would be able to see how much variety there is in the home-ed methods used.  Any thoughts or questions, please have a chat with Julia (email as above).

Not back to school picnic time is here again - Monday 10th September 2012.  More details to follow, but if you are in a rush to find out more contact Julia as before.

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